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King of Thieves (Free) by ZeptoLab UK Limited is the most recent game from the makers of the Cut the Rope franchise that we have begun to understand and adore. However, King of Thieves is not another physics-based puzzle game like Cut the Rope -- this is a combination of platformer and PvP multiplayer, which is performed nicely.

I am sure that all people have played Cut the Rope sooner or later in our lives, especially since there are so many iterations of the game on the App Store. When Cut the Rope came out, I remember spending hours on the game mainly because of the challenging physics-based puzzles, and who can resist the adorable Om Nom? From that moment on, I knew and so I was excited once I viewed the trailer for it to check out King of Thieves as they released other high quality games like Pudding Monsters ZeptoLab was a quality programmer. Obviously, I'm not disappointed.

The visuals in King of Thieves follows the charming and precious design of the previous games, so it's distinctive if you are already a fan and welcoming. Your character, who hopes to function as King of Thieves, is a little black blob that creeps around effortlessly and can leap off of walls easily. The phases all characteristic cleverly planned layouts, as well as the game world is filled with lots of fine details, and brilliant, lively. Animations are buttery smooth, and the soundtrack is upbeat and unique. Overall, the artwork style and music of the game are top notch.

You will be asked to get into your age and then give your character a name when you initially found King of Thieves. Once that is done, you'll unfortunately need to go through a non-discretionary tutorial which will explain you the basics all, like the multiplayer component of the game. It had been rather quick, although I dislike tutorials in any game, so this was quite annoying. Once it is done, you are able to undergo the degrees in order (earning a maximum of three stars), and even find random matches against other players, where you will sneak into their dungeons and steal gems and other valuables. But be careful -- your dungeon may be broken into as well! In case you have friends who play the game, it is possible to form guilds to stand against hostile forces. Aside from the mode you are playing, grab the treasures, the aim is to slink in, and get back out.

Your character moves automatically, but will come to your stop once it hits a wall. You can simply jump from the wall to change direction, by bouncing off between walls or you also can jump up a chamber. Whatever you need to do is tap on the screen -- things that is quite easy, right, to jump? Obviously, to make things hard, there are obstacles that you will have to prevent, including other traps and whirling saw blades. When you snatch all the treasure and loot, make your way to the exit to complete the phase. You lose some health, should you get hit with a snare, and also the more times you die, the less stars you will earn, so be careful.

As you are a thief in this game, you are in need of a base of operations, right? Fortunately, you get a dungeon to call house in the start of game, and it even contains a gold generator along with a totem that may reinforce your stone and increase the locks of your dungeon. You will unlock more tricks that you can place around your dungeon which makes it harder for your items to be stolen by other players as you advance in the game. Just drag them into place all around your dungeon when these objects are available to you personally. It is possible to use the gold coins to upgrade your jewels, locks, as well as craft outfits for the character afterwards.

My only qualm with all the game lies in the fact that it's freemium, so there are plenty of timers included when it comes to upgrading. Plus, each time you break into a stage, you should find the locks before it is possible to enter, and you lose a key each time you choose incorrect. While I understand this concept makes sense given that you are breaking in, I believe the game should give you not when you level up, and more keys throughout the game. Plus, it King of Thieves hack always seems that the correct lock is the one I decide last, but I digress.

I am liking it so far, although I am still in the early phases of the game. It's a formula that strays from ZeptoLab's regular menu, but they did it in ways that works nicely and is fun and challenging at once. The graphics are stunning, the music is delightful, and also the controls are natural for touch screens. I just want this game did not fall on the trail of freemium, but so far it hasn't been obnoxious with in-program purchases for me.

I recommend giving a try this weekend in case you enjoy platformer games having user created content and a touch of multiplayer PvP components to King of Thieves. It's possible for you to locate King of Thieves on the App Store as a worldwide download for free with in-app purchases.

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Today, keeping up with games might be full time job. So just just how do you split the signal in the sound, the wheat in the chaff, the Temple Jogs in the Temple Hops? Let us to help by consistently choosing a game You Should Play.

Desire a platformer that is likely to keep you coming back again and again?


Besides breaking and entering, you will also be constructing traps to protect your own personal gold.

King of Thieves does a great job of getting you used to the game mechanic before ratcheting up the issue. However, the game jumps from simple to maddeningly difficult very fast, adding in roving creatures, spinning blades, and homing minions which are all out to destroy your day. (For this type of child-friendly game, I think I've said more adult words while playing it than I am willing to acknowledge.) In the event that you neglect a level a lot of times in a row, the game will knock out one of the defenses to allow it to be easier (but having a catch--you will not get as much gold). Still, this is by no means a match you can get to simply blow through.

But your burglar can only move in one way, and turning around needs him to leap off of walls. That makes navigating a string of platforms a genuine challenge.


Select on any dungeon, a dungeon.

There is no honor among thieves... and buddies: Not only can you steal in the game's built in single-player dungeons, you can also rob your fellow players, who've designed traps of the own.

The two main monies of the game are gold and gems, and you'll wish to grab both. Jewels enable you to initiate rituals at your vaguely Aztec- like home base, and these rituals have to upgrade the tricks you'll utilize to fend off other robbers. As you perform more these rites, you can move into better, more elaborate dungeons that are more difficult to steal from. Gold buys you other swag along with upgrades --like shields--to help in keeping your own stash safe. It's possible for you to observe your improvement in regards to other thieves and join guilds to team up and get better loot.

Though it irritates some users, I like knowing that my loot is dangerous: It increases the challenge. Creating traps to protect your loot is extraordinarily fun, but to be able to utilize that trick against intruders, you need to browse your own personal snare successfully ensuring your puzzle is hard, although not hopeless. However great you are at dungeon strategy--and no matter how really many upgrades you purchase--thieving is just portion of the game. That is what makes it total madness on the leaderboards: Everyone is consistently grabbing the loot of each other.

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